9 Days Morocco Camel & desert trekking




Desert trekking offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and appreciate
its raw beauty. The vastness and emptiness of the desert can be both humbling
and inspiring, challenging you to step outside your comfort zone and embrace
the unexpected.


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Arrival at Marrakech airport. Transfer to acharming hotel or riad Where dinner will be served
followed by an overnight stay in Marrakech.

Wake up early for breakfast after which depart for Zagora with stops en route at Ouarzazate for lunch
then passing by the AitSaoune after which you will experience the long descent into the famous Draa
valley with 200 kms of date palms which are harvested in October. At Agdez,you will witness the
beautiful landscapes and ksars (fortified villages) before arriving in Zagora where you will spend the
night under the starts in nomadic tents.

In the morning we leave Zagora heading towards the crossroads of caravans in Mhamid, where we will
meet our camel team drivers with their dromedaries. This is the place where the desert really starts.We
cross the desert between the Ouladriss and the Erg of Jews dunes and after two hours of walking , we
stop for lunch under the shadow ofTamaris or Acacias trees. After having travelled on a plateau , we
camp in the desertsurrounded by the magnificent dunes.

At certain places we shall find Berber tents, also wells where the nomads come to take their water
supply, in addition to tamaris and acacia trees. This is a great opportunity to discover the different faces
of the Sahara desert and to experience a world of silence. Life flows here with the rhythm of caravans,
drinking tea, social gatherings and beautiful panoramic views of the desert from the heights of sand
dunes. We pitch our tents in the middle of the desert, where the ambience is guaranteed around at a
campfire. We gatherwood for the fire,and making bread baked on the sand, following an old tradition.
An evening of folklorewith traditional songs will then be enjoyed by everyone.

In the morning after breakfast, we shall continue across the desert. First the Erg, a plateau covered by
dunes, where we leave behind a little stony desert height which serving as a beacon for travelers in the
event of a sandstorm. We continue our journey through dunes and ergs in the direction of the big
Bouguerne dunes where we camp overnight

We change our base camp by heading south, seeing in the distance the big dunes of Zahar Erg. We make
sure we always follow the bank of the drained river Draa, passing its bed and having breakfast under
the shade of tamaris trees. Then we continue walking to the Erg. We establish our camp at the base of
the biggest dune.

After a very early start so that we can enjoy thesunrisein the dunes, with beautiful panoramic views.
Once the camels have been loaded , the caravan will start to walk and leave the Erg in a region where
sand will become not as prevalent where dunes alternate with large open spaces. We shall bivouac at
either SidiNaj, or in another location, (in a village of Jews potters).

We will cross a vast region, covered with (pottery pieces), and step by step, we shall finally reach the
Mhamid El-Ghizlane palm grove. We will find small dunes surrounded by palm trees and we will
celebrate our last night in the desert here.

Depart from Zagora, in the direction of Ouarzazate, through the Valley of Draa, visiting the Kasbah at Ait
Ouerir, having breakfast at the base of the Kasbah, followed by the the transfer to the airport.

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Merzouga Luxury Desert Trip

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