Private Nomadic Camp

Private nomadic camp to experience an authentic over night experience in the Sahara desert and enjoy your stay under the stars and within the golden dunes, it is also a great opportunity to meet the nomad family and learn about their life style. Camp is ideal for enjoying sunset and sunrise from the sun dunes. We organize many activities at the camp such hiking, camel-trek, wild picnics, sand-boarding, sunset vantage points with chilled drinks, evening music by the campfire, telescope. Camel-trekking and hiking in the desert is guided with three-course lunch provided under the shade of Tamarisk trees.

Private Berber Camp

Berber camp is located at the base of Erg Chigaga dunes. This is the longest ‘erg’ (sand sea) in Morocco, and well off the beaten path. The camp is encircled by smaller, rolling dunes for privacy and shelter, provide you all the conditions to live this unique experience and enjoy unforgettable moments. There is plenty to do at the camp: camel trekking and riding, sand boarding, guided walks, visiting the oasis, visiting the not-so-nomadic nomads, and enjoying the evening’s informal music and drumming around the camp fire. But to many, the ability to slow down, enjoy the vast empty vistas, and step back for a moment to think and reflect, is what makes the trip to the desert so memorable. Here the true meaning of glam-ping unravels with extraordinary vistas and peace with tranquillity combined.

deluxe camp merzouga

Luxurious Desert Camp Merzouga is literally an unforeseen surprise in the middle of the golden dunes of Erg Chebbi desert is one of Morocco's most enchanting natural wonders. a beauty beyond words. For the weary traveler seeking such restorative magic.. The luxury tents are equipped with comfortable beds and indoors private bathroom and shower, making a night in the Sahara desert, a night of a lifetime. By night, lantern-light illuminates the camp, a camp-fire is lit and you can enjoy traditional fire-side singing and drumming after dinner service. Alternatively, venture a short distance on to the dunes to star-gaze. There are many activities offered from the camp, camel-riding, guided walking, sand boarding, games. you will find your senses revived as you relax in an oasis of calm and serenity, taking time as you may to explore one of Earth's most spectacular natural landscapes.

Deluxe Camp Erg Chigaga

Luxurious Desert Camp Erg Chigaga (great dunes) is the perfect place to experience the magnificent luxurious desert life and create unforgettable memories You will not see any other camps in the area. There is plenty of outdoor space for relaxation on cushions, or in hammocks, and the largest dune that overlooks the camp is ideal for enjoying sunset and sunrise (which are an integral part of the desert experience). The Chegaga camp has all the essentials for an indulgent night under the stars in a truly remote location, And when the night falls, the camps lights up by many lanterns. Night comes alive in the evening with campfire and music. We organize many activities at the camp or out from camp, including hiking, camel-trek, wild picnics, sand-boarding, sunset vantage points, evening music by the campfire. Camel-trekking and hiking in the desert is guided with three-course lunch provided under the shade of Tamarisk trees. A more peaceful setting would be difficult to imagine.  The sand dunes encircling the site provide an utterly exquisite location for the camp and its stillness and purity are mirrored within.
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